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COVID-19 and Serious injuries from Car or Truck Accidents

We are all telling ourselves and our families that now is not the time to go to the Emergency Room, but by definition emergencies are not planned and urgent. If you are involved in a serious motor, truck or tractor trailer accident you will have no choice but to go to the Emergency Room.

After your emergency treatment, you may require follow up care, but with the current pandemic you may have to stay at home which would delay treatment. We are in contact with medical professionals that can evaluate and assist clients via teleconferencing software. Some medical providers will only allow for one client at a given time in their facility for treatment. Treating your injuries in a timely manner will benefit your health significantly. A zealous advocate will also makes sure that whether you are treating or decide to wait for the stay at home order to be lifted your claim will be preserved with the insurance company.

I suggest calling a law firm that has experience with accidents and is capable of video conferencing clients and even putting clients in a position to not hurt their case by waiting until the COVID-19 stay at home orders are changed.

If you are in this position and in DC, MD or VA call the Oropeza law firm, PLLC. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a personal approach to law and that doesn’t stop during this time. We offer opportunities to discuss over the phone or via teleconferencing. Additionally, we have experience dealing with many insurance carriers and advocating for our clients so as to always ensure that our clients get the treatment they need and the outcome they deserve.

Call Oropeza Law Firm, PLLC today at 202-558-6539


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